Sci Fi Madhatter


My first time using the software program Alchemy (free to download  I heard about it in 2009 and was curious, but never really took the time to give it a fair try.  Since then I’ve seen people use it with fairly good results and it’s probably my aversion to change more than anything that stopped me all this time from giving it a go.  But for whatever reason I downloaded it and gave it a whirl.

It’s a bit difficult to control at first.  It gives you several different options and control settings, but of the most part it’s randomly putting down shapes in the general area you’re brushing in, which can give you some pretty cool and interesting results.  Really great for the first exploratory stages of concept art.


I took my favorite six Alchemy sketches and took them in Photoshop and started drawing on top of them.  Bringing a bit more control and emphasizing the parts of the sketches I liked.


Narrowed down my favorite three and spent a little more time on them in Photoshop.

Wasn’t able to finish up this Character of the Week challenge (again), but  I did get to discovery Alchemy and I can really see me using it in the future to help with the initial creative process.  #LearningExperience  :)


“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”  -William Feather

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