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Couldn’t remember if I posted this one before.  This was my final project in my Drawing I class in 2012.  Graphite on a 18″ x 24″ paper.


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Done is Done


Ended up adding “God Rays” to the clouds in order to heighten the dramatic effect of the scene.  Placed a layer underneath everything else I’d done so far and filled it with white.  Placed a layer mask on the original image and using a soft edged Brush started erasing the original image away in small contained strokes.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Napoleon Bonaparte

A Storm is Brewing


Grey scale to color (Total Colorization)
Computer Art Project


Beginning photograph, courtesy of Google search.


Using Photoshop

First thing I did was select the solid black color at the bottom with the Quick Selection tool, reversed the selection with Select>Inverse, and then added a Curves Adjustment layer.  This gave me a nice mask to work with.

I then began manipulating the colors until I got this warm reddish color.


The next thing I did was choose the Quick Selection tool again and made a second selection, this time choosing the sky behind the clouds.  I wasn’t overly concerned about getting a perfect selection in this step because I knew with the mask it creates, I could go in with a brush and fine tune the edges of the mask.  Which I began doing.


Here you can see the result of the fine tuning.  I was basically erasing the sky Curves Adjustment layer with the bright red.  This brought back the bright white from the original image, giving the clouds a nifty highlight to them.


I wanted the scene to be a warm red color, but I was unable to get the two Curve Adjustment layers to cool natural and still contrast.  So, I ended up going for a warm orangish color that I thought still looked natural.  Basically going back into both Curves Adjustment layers and tweaking the curves to get the right color.

I’m not too keen on which direction to move the curves to get the color I want, so it was more exploratory than anything.

I also added a Hue and Saturation Adjustment layer on top of everything to get a more even color across the whole image.  Trying to unify it more.


I added a Levels Adjustment layer under the Hue and Saturation layer to brighten the image up a bit, it was looking a bit dark and I wanted those holes in the clouds to really pour in bright light.  My teacher suggested using another image and introducing rays of light slipping through the holes in the clouds, that’ll be my next step.


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Sunset with Minimal


Not 100% happy with how it turned out.  I think I should have kept it all photographs or the painterly effect.  Either that or find a better way to blend the two together more seamlessly/naturally.  Regardless a learning experience it was.


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Around the Majestic


Virtual College Center
Fayetteville Technical Community College

A photograph from my Photography I class (Fall 2013).  Been going through all my artwork over the last couple years while getting my portfolio ready and came across this one.  Don’t think I’ve ever posted it on my blog and I really liked the circular flowing lines in the foreground, mixed with the over-exposed lights.


“Never live in the past but always learn from it.”  -Unknown