Drawing the Line

Modern Selene, the Moon Goddess
Refining Line-work
This is where I left off at yesterday morning (technically afternoon, but I just woke up, so morning lol).


You can see my process when if comes to using reference.  I often times combine multiple Google image searches into one folder within my project folder and then bring them into my Photoshop document for ease of access.


Wanting to move Modern Selene towards the age and feel of a woman and not the wide eye’d girl I was starting to feel from the previous sketches, I attempted to create an older woman’s face, but only succeeded in making her look younger.  :(

Also, she kind of looks like Rouge from the X-Men movies.


I managed to bring her age up a little bit, but her face will need more attention in the near future.  As the rest of her body was lacking some attention I decided to focus on catching up everything to about the same point.  I really don’t like it when I get one portion of the drawing more finished than another part.

She looks angry, “why so serious?”

Her head might be too big, that’s a result of using reference that cuts off portions of the body.  At this point it’s too late to change reference, but I should know better.  Guess this is a clear indicator that I need to be brushing up on my anatomy skills.  Honestly, I should be warming up with anatomy sketches every time I draw, but I seem to have a shortage of time; or a mismanagement of time.  Probably the latter.

Also, lost the eye contact with the viewer.  :(

Despite all the nit picking, I’m happy with where this is going and I’m glad I decided to push the line work to a near complete point instead of rushing in with the color stage which I so often do.  With waiting for the line work and rough shadows/Lighting to be completed before I start my coloring I won’t have to create volume while attempting to hold on to loose forms.  I can just focus on getting the colors to dance with each other.


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Character of the Week #369

Character of the Week #369
Modern Selene, Goddess of the moon

Deadline – Sunday, January 11th 10PM GMT

The Greek gods have stayed out of humanity’s affairs for quite some time now. So instead they spend their time with their own kind. But some who have always had an interest in humans still stay close. Selene, the goddess of the moon, takes on a human form and roams among us, as if she were a mortal. She is pale in complexion and has long, light golden hair. She is always marked with the symbol of the moon.

The Guidelines:

  • Must be human
  • Must be female
  • Dressed in modern clothing.
  • Has the symbol of the moon somewhere.
  • Backgrounds are acceptable.
My initial sketches.  I had first thought to make her a photographer, so she’d have a reason to be out and about observing humans unnoticed.  Then I thought about a silent and less obvious observer, like someone sitting on a bench reading a book… which somehow turned into her sitting on a rooftop with the moon in the background.
I felt she was coming off a little bit more childish than I’d wanted so still being early into the whole thing I scrapped the idea and started fresh.
Feels strange to admit that I spent so much time looking through dresses to find a coat that looked both like a coat and a dress and that it felt both modern and fashionable, but an artist has to do what an artist has to do.  I might post some of the other reference images I used later.
Started off really loosy goosy, drawing at 6.25% of the canvas size.
Lowered the opacity on the line work and created a new layer on top, this time I created some guide lines to help me get the proportions correct.  I started working at 12.5% at this point and increased the opacity of the brush I was using for a more ink-like line, but still light enough to see what’s going on underneath.
Took that layer and lowered the opacity on it and started drawing again.  Correcting lines, and adding some more detail.
My initial reaction was to give her straight hair, so naturally I gave her curly hair instead.  I’ve thought about giving her a purse and maybe a Starbucks cup in her hands, but haven’t decided.  I’d also like to give the impression of her walking on the streets of a big city, but not putting too much detail in the other people walking by.
Something like this where the pedestrians are out of focus and the focal point is Selene.  We’ll see.
“In order to get from what was to what will be, you must go through what is.”  –Unknown

Reworking Characters

My brother is writing a fantasy book and he wanted me to draw several of the characters for him.  I ended up giving me nine with a promise of a tenth coming soon.  Six months later, I finally get the tenth, but by now I’ve changed my style or rather am in the process of changing my art style and I really want to paint instead of the cartoony/comic book style I’ve been doing.  But all other nine characters are done in that style

A smart man would draw that last character in the old style and be done with it, I am not a smart man.

Fin-Malrune_v0.4 Fin-Malrune_v0.5 Fin-Malrune_v0.6 Fin-Malrune_v0.7

Fin-Malrune_v0.8 Fin-Malrune_v0.9 Fin-Malrune_v1.0 Fin-Malrune_v1.1

Some additional references

804b0d34a1f4f13cd050ab5abab9eb8b 23079587255bee912e0b9abf62f02fe6 assassins-creed-ii-ezio-cape-8365-p bodypattern1

I got my work cut out for me.


“Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”  -Frank L. Gaines

Asaro Head


Using an Asaro Head to study the planes of the face, I can see why it comes so highly recommended by artists.


“Be assured, you never have to apologize for your passion.”  –Taylor Hanson