Older, yes. Wiser, maybe?


Self-Portrait Assignment
Work in Progress

I took some time to really think about what I wanted to do with my self portrait.  I immediately crossed off the usual themes I normally use in my work (sci-fi, high-tech, space, and contrasting themes) and started thinking about myself, how I view myself, who I am and all that jazz.

I’m not sure when the idea of doing an older version of myself emerged out of all that (perhaps somewhere between all the seriousness and philosophical/introspective brainstorming), but it did and I started running with it.

My first couple of minutes after I found an image was spent arranging the image, fixing the canvas size, adding guidelines, etc.  But when I was ready to start laying out the foundation, I ended up with only a couple minutes before I had to go do something.  But this ended up to my advantage because I maximized those few minutes grabbing the most important lines, shapes, forms of my face.

I used the mouse and just clicked on a spot and then holding shift clicked on another location to connect the two points by a straight line.  I could’ve used the Line Tool, but this kept everything simple and allowed me to just click away.

When I came back to work on it a couple hours later I used the mouse a little bit longer, but then picked up my stylus and went to work.  The Canvas size is like 4500×2000 and I’m working at around 12.5% zoom, really focusing on form and shapes.

While working that small I started loosing details so I added a quick under painting on a new layer I placed underneath the sketch layers.

Establishing my value range.

I also duplicated my line work layer and placed the duplicate to multiply.

Also, started getting a weird Count Doku vibe.  :(

That pea soup green was getting on my nerves, so I brushed in some color into the background and added some color to my clothes, not sure whether or not I want to keep the hoodie or go for another look.  :/

Filling in the colors a bit more, still not sure what I’m doing with the clothing yet, just going with the flow.

I also started working at 25% zoom now.

Where I stopped this morning.

I really don’t want to recreate the foliage in my backyard, but I’m not sure what to do with this background.  Between that and the clothing I need to come up with something.  Most of those pink and purple colors will probably be pushed back once I start getting working in the details and probably at 50% zoom as I’ll be closer to putting in the textures.  But I want a better idea of what I’m going to do with the clothes and background before I start doing details.


It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.”  -André Gide

The False Mirror


My assignment last week was to use the tools and techniques we’ve been taught in our Computer Art class to make our own interpretation of a famous painting, I choose Rene Magritte’s The False Mirror.

Reference images

First thing I did was to bring both images into Photoshop and place one on-top of the other.  I placed the cloud layer on Multiple so I could position it.

I created a circle Marquee selection and filled it on another layer, so when I wanted to make a mask, I’d be starting off with a perfect circle.  Whenever I wanted that same size and shape selection, I could just Ctrl click that layer for that same selection.  It came in handy later.

Placing a Mask on the eye layer I used a Hard Edged Brush at 100% Opacity to Mask out the whole circle except for the pupil and that highlight/reflection.  Placing the cloud layer underneath it and removing the Multiply blend mode.

Using a Soft Edge Brush at about 25% Opacity I began bringing in the edges of the Mask closer in, I felt the Reflection was distracting, so I filled it in to see what it would look like.

I didn’t like the lack of reflection either, so I ended up using that layer with the circle on it to make a perfect circle selection of the original eye before the mask and copied the pupil.  I then rotated the pupil and then added a Mask to it to get rid of all the extra stuff I didn’t need.

Using that Soft Edged Brush to blend in/out those edges again.

Ended up moving the cloud layer around to find a more appealing position, then copied it and added it in front of the eye Layer to create some depth.  Using a Mask to delete all the blue sky and leave nothing but the clouds.


From there it was all about blending in the blue into the darker/green edges of the eye and painting in the rest of the foreground clouds.


“Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.”  -Leonardo da Vinci

One Particle in Particular


Finished abstract assignment for my Computer Art class.  Ended up going for something simple (lack of time), just playing around and experimenting with Photoshop.  Had loads of fun and learned a ton with this assignment.


I was going to start off with a background fill, but decided to go with a Gradient instead.  Once I pulled up the Gradient menu I went with one of the ones I haven’t really used before.  I choose the complimentary colors blue and orange.


Next I went into the Filter menu and decided on Pixelate>Pointalize, adjusting the amount until I found something I liked.  Then I duplicated the layer and used the Ctrl+T command to Transform the new layer (holding shift key to maintain the proportions).  Then I centered the new layer so it aligned with the first.  I then duplicated that second layer and set the Blend mode to Multiply and lowered the Opacity.


I then duplicated the first (bottom layer) and went back into the Filter Menu, this time choosing Distort>Spherize and placed the Blend mode to Multiply.


I couldn’t see the sphere shape all that well, so I ended up repeating the process (Filter>Distort>Spherize at 86%) four or five more times.


I felt the colors weren’t saturated enough, so I duplicated the spherized layer and started experimenting with the Blend modes until I got something I liked.


  Then I took that layer and added a new Filter to it.  Choosing Blur>Lens Blur.  This created the glowing feel to the sphere.


Again playing with Blend modes until I found something that worked.  This time settling on Vivid Light and adjusting the Opacity (duplicate layer).


My final step was to add a Lens Flare.  Filter>Render>Lens Flare and then decided the little square was distracting, so I got rid of it.

I really didn’t know what I was doing from one step to the next, it wasn’t’ until I got that sphere shape that things started moving for me.  Even then it was a journey of exploration.  I did learn a lot though, through this process, I haven’t used the Filter>Distort>Spherize before, so this was a cool find for me, as I can definitely see it being useful in the future.


“Success is all about letting your will power takeover from your fears.”  -Unknown

Microscopic Abstraction


Stopped working on this one to start my sketches the other day, but haven’t come back to it yet.  I might do something a little more simple for my turn in and play with this later when I have more than a couple hours before bed to complete it.

Abstract_v0.0 Abstract_v0.1 Abstract_v0.2 Abstract_v0.3 Abstract_v0.4


I’m not sure if I’ll continue with this one and submit it today for my abstract project, but I like the overall feel of it.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  -Mahatma Gandhi

March Weirdness


Where I stopped yesterday before work.

REAL_v0.2 REAL_v0.4 REAL_v0.6 REAL_v0.8 REAL_v1.0 REAL_v1.1 REAL_v1.3

March Weirdness begins today.  :)


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”  -Maya Angelou