Red – Academy Uniform

ThreeQuart_v6 ThreeQuart_v0

Starting off with reference as usual.  It’s difficult to find anatomical reference for people (especially women) that don’t conform to societies ideal proportions.

Red’s been an athlete for a the last couple years of her life, but for the last year she’s been in a funk after the passing of her father.  I wanted to show some weight gain, but still retain some of her body shape from her previous athletic participation.  Concentrating the weight gain in her mid-section and thighs.


Uniforms are tricky.  As the story takes place 150 years in the future I wanted something that looked futuristic, but still held some grounds in reality.  With these reference images, I chose a mix of old and new; keeping the look more academy then utility as she is still in school and not in combat.


Lighting was pretty similar to the original in the anatomical reference.


Ended up keeping her hair closer to my first couple character designs.  Still haven’t decided whether I’ll use this burnt orange hair color or the maroon I’ve used in the past.

The hair style still needs some refinement, but I feel I’m getting closer to what I originally imagined.


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