Science Blows Me Away



Reference Image


My assignment this week in my Computer Art class was to combine all my previous lessons along with the manipulation of text.  I began with taking a photo of an older man with a basket on his head and adding some adjustment layers to lower the saturation and give it that old photograph brown color.  Then I removed the background with mask.

Next, I added some text in the background using two custom brushes, one was a paragraph of text and the other was some math formulas.  I lowered the opacity of the brown text and set it behind the equations.


I ended up duplicated the old man three times and added different levels of the wind filter (Filters>Stylize>Wind) to give him that disintegrating/blowing away look.  I added a rectangle on the bottom right corner and then began removing it with an eraser and painting over it with a brush.  I also added some more text to the foreground and background of that lower right corner.


The last couple steps were composed of adding more text to the fore and background, using opacity and size to either push it back further, or bring it to the front.  Then I took a brush to that lower right corner again and began removing that hard edge and really get it to blend in with the rest of the image.


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Portrait in Progress


I’m working on a character sheet for Arissa Redding using the last image I made with her wearing her uniform.  I was going to use the portrait image of her pouting as part of it, but it seemed a bit too emo and clashed with the smiling persona of the uniform image.  So, I set off to start a portrait style image, but this time with Red being a little more bright and silly… and border line cute.  So, I asked my friend Google to search in a place I knew was crawling with cute Asian poses, K-Pop.

images layered-bob-hairstyles-876x1024

After finding the image I wanted for reference, I began searching for some solid hair style reference.  I think I’ve had five or six different hair style variations since I started really attacking this Blue Moon storyline and now I am convinced I’ve found a winner.


This “bob” hair style was suggested by one of my friends on facebook and I’m glad I had asked for feedback when I posted that image.  It actually goes back to one of my first concept images of Red (back when her body type was still based off of a top super model lol).  That seems like ages ago, but it’s only been a couple months.  Time flies…


Where I’m at now.  You’ll recognize the uniform from my previous Arissa concept, I’m really digging it, I might make some small adjustments, but it’s pretty much how I want it at the moment.

Hopefully will have the finished product and then the character sheet by Monday.


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Red – Academy Uniform

ThreeQuart_v6 ThreeQuart_v0

Starting off with reference as usual.  It’s difficult to find anatomical reference for people (especially women) that don’t conform to societies ideal proportions.

Red’s been an athlete for a the last couple years of her life, but for the last year she’s been in a funk after the passing of her father.  I wanted to show some weight gain, but still retain some of her body shape from her previous athletic participation.  Concentrating the weight gain in her mid-section and thighs.


Uniforms are tricky.  As the story takes place 150 years in the future I wanted something that looked futuristic, but still held some grounds in reality.  With these reference images, I chose a mix of old and new; keeping the look more academy then utility as she is still in school and not in combat.


Lighting was pretty similar to the original in the anatomical reference.


Ended up keeping her hair closer to my first couple character designs.  Still haven’t decided whether I’ll use this burnt orange hair color or the maroon I’ve used in the past.

The hair style still needs some refinement, but I feel I’m getting closer to what I originally imagined.


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Canvas Sketchbook Cover


Purchased a canvas covered sketchbook to take notes in my Ceramics class.  I thought it would be cool to be able to draw and paint on it and it was more durable than the other ones they had at Michael’s and more within my price range.  Too many pros to pass up.

Pencil sketch turned out pretty cool, I’m always of fan of creating a lot of depth and making overlapping panels gave me that opportunity.  Subject matter is a mix of things I just like drawing and some Sci-Fi/Fantasy elements I enjoy.


Adding inks and experimenting with some water color pencils in the space scene.  Still not sure what I’m going to throw up in the empty panels.


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Pouting in Progress


One of these days I’m going to come up with a consistent look for Arissa “Red” Redding, but it is not this day.  What is happening today is arm capes, that’s a thing now.  :)

I like how it’s turning out so far, haven’t drawn her in a while and I always enjoy exploring who she is as a character.


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