Composite/Collage Process


I started my Composite/Collage project in my Computer Art class by searching for a portrait.  I went to my go to spot on the web for portraits…  They have a lot of good portraits for artists to use.  I chose this one because her freckles kind of reminded me of a starry night and as I’m a big fan of all things sci fi I went with that.

First I masked her from her background, then threw a cool space wallpaper I found threw my number one go to spot for online references, Google.  :)  I rotated and expanded the wallpaper until I got something that flowed with the freckles and the colors felt right.


My next couple Google image searches were for abstract shapes, found this cool one of a close up shot of a slinky, using a quick mask to remove parts of it and coloring it to match the vibe of the whole piece.  I was going for that 40’s-50’s Audrey Hepburn look with the face screen thinga ma jig.  I also placed the portrait layer on Multiply so she was less bright and started showing the stars through her skin.


This metal shapes I arranged to feel like big metallic wings.


I removed portions of the metal wings with a lasso selection (for sharp edges) and placed it on Multiply also.  I used a hexagonal metal pattern I found during my abstract shape search to give her skin an almost suit or armor texture, placing the image on top of the portrait layer and placing it on Multiply and lowering the Opacity.

Using the brush tool with a couple geometric shape custom brushes I selected her skin tone and created a sort of disintegrating effect. to cover up the edge of the portrait image.

Added another abstract image that kinda had a hair and big flowing flower feel to it and then added some abstract brush strokes as well.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, there’s a few things here and there I want to touch up, but I’m going to turn it in to my teacher/class for critiques and see what feedback I get first.


“The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.”  –Henry Ward Beecher