13 thoughts on “Swarmelon

  1. Me too, Jesse, wow! My first thought: “ok, this is freaking cool”. There is already a story and we want to know more! A captivating image and if this came from sleep loss, I say stay up late and set an early alarm daily, my friend! More more more of this character and story, please! So glad you made it. (You did it make it there, right? Moms worry you know lol). Seriously, this is brilliant. Keep it up!

    • Yep, safe and sound. :)
      I’m not sure I could avoid these weird sleep cycles if I tried, after a year or so of working night shift, switching my sleep schedule is going to be an interesting experience.

      Glad you like it. I initially wanted to have the character sitting down and maybe with a hand in the water, but I’m glad I didn’t go with that idea. There’s much more action this way.

      Thanks for the kind words Laura. :)

      • My pleasure! Oh, I wish Brandon Sanderson could see this illustration!!! I think you should send him a copy. You’re a fan of his, aren’t you? Love this, Jesse, I really hope you show us more of this character. Do you wrote stories too?

      • I love me some Sanderson, I’ve been wanting to do some fan art for awhile… I might do that.

        I do write, but the majority of my work was lost when I had to reformat my hard drive. I have some stuff in notebooks, but there was a ton of stuff lost…

        I think it’ll be refreshing to go back and rework through it though. I’ve been watching some writing class stuff on YouTube. Coincidentally, it’s Brandon Sanderson teaching the classes. XD

      • Yes!!! His classes are amazing! I love his sense of humor! He is also brilliant. He would love your artwork, I know he would! I used to want to write for teens. I used to listen to his classes all the time. He is wonderful. A great teacher & human being.

      • Cool!
        So, do you still write?

        Every time I watch one of his lessons I pick up on something I missed the last time around. They really are just jammed packed full of awesomeness!

      • Aren’t they?! I used to re-watch them too! I was hooked for quite some time – there are so many of them! I haven’t written in awhile, but when I create an abstract piece, there’s usually a story in my head that kind of comes together as the piece does. This character of yours – do you have a story in your head about him/her?

      • I see. I need to get back into the habit of writing again. I use to write for an hour a day before bed… it’s pretty relaxing, except when you get the creative juices flowing and you can’t turn your brain off. :D

        This character actually came together as I was painting, much like with your abstract piece. I had the initial idea, but questions came up in my head and as I answered them, the character moved a bit further… I don’t know it’s kinda hard to describe.

        I like creating like that sometimes, cause it’s not like I’m forcing it to conform to what I think, more like whatever it is comes organically.

        Shrug. Not sure if any of that makes sense.

      • Yes. It totally makes sense. I agree. Works best when the art creates itself! That’s just how I felt about that abstract piece you really like. It was so easy, I was in the flow. Sounds like the same thing happened with you here. Wouldn’t it be cool to even write just for one hour about this character? Even a little verse or something. Or some flash fiction. Would be really cool, I think. We’re all wondering what’s outside the entrance!

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