Portrait in Progress


I’m working on a character sheet for Arissa Redding using the last image I made with her wearing her uniform.  I was going to use the portrait image of her pouting as part of it, but it seemed a bit too emo and clashed with the smiling persona of the uniform image.  So, I set off to start a portrait style image, but this time with Red being a little more bright and silly… and border line cute.  So, I asked my friend Google to search in a place I knew was crawling with cute Asian poses, K-Pop.

images layered-bob-hairstyles-876x1024

After finding the image I wanted for reference, I began searching for some solid hair style reference.  I think I’ve had five or six different hair style variations since I started really attacking this Blue Moon storyline and now I am convinced I’ve found a winner.


This “bob” hair style was suggested by one of my friends on facebook and I’m glad I had asked for feedback when I posted that image.  It actually goes back to one of my first concept images of Red (back when her body type was still based off of a top super model lol).  That seems like ages ago, but it’s only been a couple months.  Time flies…


Where I’m at now.  You’ll recognize the uniform from my previous Arissa concept, I’m really digging it, I might make some small adjustments, but it’s pretty much how I want it at the moment.

Hopefully will have the finished product and then the character sheet by Monday.


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Pouting in Progress


One of these days I’m going to come up with a consistent look for Arissa “Red” Redding, but it is not this day.  What is happening today is arm capes, that’s a thing now.  :)

I like how it’s turning out so far, haven’t drawn her in a while and I always enjoy exploring who she is as a character.


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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify


The Fairy Racer
Simplification of Volume Through Value

Man has this character gotten out of control, had to take a step back and super-simplify everything down.  I guess seeing as it’s the couple days from the turn in deadline, it’s no wonder I’m having so many issues and changing a bunch of things…  Seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Something to think on next week



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Racing Gear – Simple Shapes and Values


The Fairy Racer
Racing Gear – Simple Shapes and Values

Having fixed the wings to be more align with the perspective background, I decided to start throwing on her racing gear.  Mostly working zoomed out to about 12.5% and just making simple shapes (like the shoulders) and then filling in the values based off of the general lighting.  After that I’d zoom in to 25% and smooth it out, really focusing on the overall shapes and values.

I simplified the helmet quite a bit, but I’m still not happy with it, but I do like how I added the ladybug head and how that added some interest and symmetry to that area.  Definitely going to have to pay some extra attention to the jawline straps of the helmet, but next time I’ll be putting some emphasis on the shoulders, chest armor, overall values, and visor. 

Until next time.



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The Fairy Racer

Alright, fixed both the arms, simplifying the shape and pulling them in a bit more, which I felt made it look like she was flying faster.  Then I spent some time filling in her facial features and laying down some values (not too much, just enough that when I’m drawing her racing gear I can get a sense of the shapes, curves, and volume of the body.

I forgot to fix her right set of wings, they were slightly out of line with my perspective guides (love those things, actually downloaded a couple perspective brushes *happy face*), right leg too… maybe.

So, next comes the racing gear/armor.  :)



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Fixing the Foundation


The Fairy Racer
Pose + Shading

I wanted to show our Fairy Racer in mid flight and really give the sense that she’s flying fast.  I might add some leaves being blown away on her sides or some grass stalks being blown to the side in her wake.  Something to give an indication of her size and how fast she’s going (two birds, one stone). 

I hit a small bump, while working on the armor design, so I put that aside while I work on the pose.  There’s still some work to be done too., shoulders and arms don’t feel as natural as the rest of her anatomy and of course the face is still barely past the mannequin stage (although I shouldn’t need too much as it will mostly be covered by her helmet).  Once all that’s done I’ll be pushing on to adding her clothing and armor.



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Moving Towards Nature


The Fairy Racer

Nature Variation

I liked the Futuristic/Motorcycle Racer vibe I was getting from the first couple of sketches, but I wanted to take it a little back to nature and really tie it back to what most people think about when they think of fairies.  I wanted that same armor structure, but incorporate elements out of nature, like leaves, flowers pedals, or even a ladybug shell.  I drew some great inspiration from Epic (2013) by Blue Sky Studios that did similar things with some of their characters costumes.


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Character of the Week: The Fairy Racer



The Fairy Racer
Initial Sketches

In the world of the fairies, the Grand Herald Fairy Tournament is held each year, to test the skills of its participants. The most popular and rewarding of all the events are the races! Speed, among the fairies, represents high status. To win, a participant must carry a small, red baton which grants passage through each checkpoint, and reach the finish line in the fastest time. If a fairy is the FASTEST in the tournament, they not only get the respect, but they earn a special token which can be used for anything the fairy desires, but with limitations. If they wanted to become king or queen of the fairies, they could, but only for one year or if they wanted to become a human, they could, but only for one year. Evil does not exist among them, but desires do. So there are many who train in order to gain their one desire.

Design a Fairy Racer! You can show them as the winner of the race, in the middle of a race, before a race begins or how they train, etc… Think about speed! Also note, they fly with wings, so NO vehicles.

The Guidelines:

  • Must be a fairy
  • Can be male or female
  • Must be carrying a RED baton
  • Must be wearing their racing gear
  • Background’s Permitted, but don’t forget what the focus is!

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