Bella Will Resist

I’m enjoying the Inky Leak Brush set I scooped up from GrutBrushes, I have an idea for a whole series of illustrations with them, but that’ll be for another time.  For now, I’m just experimenting and getting a feel for what each of them do.

When I sat down to create today, I initially started to make another series of thumbnail/paintover/explorations, but I got distracted by some of the earlier stages and just started having fun.  Before I knew it I had something that was really catching my eye and I just rolled with it.

A previous version had her blowing air bubbles out of each sides of her mouth apparatus, like deep sea divers might.  I’ll probably revisit the idea, putting her under water, with hair flowing and maybe some pipes/chains flowing out and around her.

Time will tell.
For now, it’s bedtime.

Journey before Destination




“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

September 11, 2016 – Fall down seven times — Motivating Giraffe

I have at least 1 idea a day that I’m sure will change the world for the better but so far they have all been bad ideas but if I keep this up, I will have had almost 15000 ideas by the time I’m 65. so I’m not losing hope that one of them will […]

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