When Things Made Less More Sense


Here’s a throw back if I’ve ever seen one.  Created somewhere between 2007-08, this gem was going to be my first comic strip in my webcomic Another Alternative.  The strip was to be a slice of life style comic with it’s main character based loosely off of me.

Man I got such a kick off of this.  I happened across it, while I was going through an old (really old) external hard-drive, it didn’t have what I was looking for, but I did find years of art experimentation, most of which was my first couple years playing in Photoshop back in 2007-2009.

2006-2007 Logo idea for my Brothers and I

Just celebrated my 32nd orbit last week and I’m fortunate to have just started a new job today.  To top it off, I just helped sent an earlier commission to get printed on T-Shirts and I’m about to start on another big commission to get it ready for print soon.  I’m super excited and it feels great to have all these pieces falling into place.  I’ll start sharing some stuff whenever I get the greenlight to.

I’m going to have to be really careful managing my time and ensuring everything stays in balance with each other, but I’m eager to learn more about the whole process of producing T-shirt designs.

Just some out loud forward thinking, but I want to have a collection of T-shirts available by 2017.

The Journey is Becoming very Interesting

“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.” – Wallace Wattles

4 thoughts on “When Things Made Less More Sense

  1. It’s always nice to look at your old stuff :) hope you’ll still have time to post here with all that work stuff you’ve got going on. Great to hear things are going so well for you! Can’t wait to see your shirt designs :)

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