Gloria from Peach Dahlia


I decided to do things a bit differently this time around.

For starters I kept my brush at 100% Opacity.

Secondly, I only used one brush (the Horse Main brush from the Impasto Brushes from the

Thirdly, I choose my color palette prior to starting this painting, which felt weird, but I had already chosen the reference image and had some inspiration.  So, my color choices were based off of those feelings and ideas.


Lastly, I did my best to think before placing each brushstroke, focusing on if using a vertical or horizontal or diagonal stroke would be best then choosing the appropriate color, then making the stroke.

All in all, I didn’t waste as much time and energy fixing mistakes or changing things and I felt like the painting as a whole came together far smoother than previous paintings.  I can’t wait to use this technique again.



“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

12 thoughts on “Gloria from Peach Dahlia

  1. Great idea and it really paid off. I really like setting guidelines or rules before starting projects, I think it can be so valuable, I did some black and white value sketches recently and it really forced me to actuallu look at my reference and try to actually ‘see’ what I was painting and not make things up like I usually do!

    • Yes, having a framework really helped me to concentrate on a specific result for sure. There was still plenty of wiggle room to be playful and create, so it didn’t really feel like work and I think that is important, especially to a free spirit like myself.

      Value is such an important aspect to creating realistic volume. It is a super useful tool and is good to simplify the reference by removing the distortions and distractions that color can sometimes create.

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