Ranger Character explorations.

Valiant Force is holding a Character Design Contest.
The characters can be bases on 6 different classes, 7 jobs per class.

At this point in the process I’m not too overly concerned about any particular job, just focusing on getting the feel of the class down.  Fans of RPG style games will be able to pick up on the differences in classes fairly quickly.

Classes = Champion, Guardian, Healer, Mystic, Shadow, Ranger.
The art style for the game leans towards an anime style of art (line-art plus cell shading, with a mix of watercolor), which will be fun to get back into.

You’re allowed to submit more than one character.  I’ll be creating several and then seeing which ones have the most impact and pushing them further along.

Contest ends July 31st, which means I have a bit of time to work with.

Here we go.

I had this idea, for this mysterious, lone wolf type of character.  I have a couple ideas about his look, but the one that stuck out most was a mix of Western Cowboy, steampunk, musketeer, traveler feel.

For this Ranger character, I’m moving away from Bow and Arrow and leaning towards a handheld musket or large crossbow.  A couple of the designs strayed far away from these ideas, but that’s okay.  Still super early in the process.  Right now I’m just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

this is going to be fun


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