They Seek, She Hides


I seem to get further while doing less.
Not seeking out the details.
My mouse game is getting better and using just the mouse forces me to focus only on volume and the different forms I’m creating.

This is fun!



“When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

8 thoughts on “They Seek, She Hides

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    • I appreciate it.
      I was going for a Fantasy theme. :)

      It’s definitely a challenge working so much with the mouse, but in the end I think it’ll help me overcome some of the stumbling points in my painting process.

      Fingers Crossed!

    • Thank you Laura!
      I use to go to school for Computer Animation many moons ago, so I’ve had some experience with modeling in 3D. I just think about the lines like the wireframe on a 3D model and it helps me create the volume and shapes I’m looking for. :)

    • Thanks Monkey,
      In Photoshop when using the paintbrush tool, you can click once and then hold shift and where ever you click again on the canvas, Photoshop will connect the two points with a straight line.

      I was thinking about it like a wireframe on a 3D object and that helped a bunch.

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