Well That Escalated Quickly


Those frustrating moments when you force yourself to work and you spend hours being frustrated.  Well I randomly wanted to make a new brush, so I played with that for about ten minutes… then I decided to start throwing paint around… then I remembered this cool photo album an artist I follow on FB posted earlier today (when I was procrastinating on doing art).  I started to look through it and found a bunch of reference gems on there.

Here’s a couple I liked.

The last I really liked the hair so I chose that one to play with.


Fun times.
With finding a starting point being such a nuisance, I might start doing this more often.


“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I will understand.”


4 thoughts on “Well That Escalated Quickly

      • Without the control I was use to, I was forced to focus on general shapes, rather than details, which I think helps and is what I should be doing anyway during the initial process.

        The photo drawing combo kinda just happened. I love me some Photoshop though. :)

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