Dianne Masantra (part 2)


So, when I started exploring Dianne again, I decided to take everything I liked about the last drawing and push it further.  I’ll probably end up changing the patterns on her forehead and end up adding some more elsewhere.  Some of the extra details for the uniform came from this digital painting as well.  Eventually I’m going to have to do a serious breakdown of the uniform and how it works… It’ll be fun to finally reveal how the extra long under-sleeves work.


I think initially I was scared that the previous drawing had Dianne’s eyes a bit too small, so this time around I enlarged them.  I might go back and find a balance between the two.


Fortunataly, I can be quite hard headed sometimes, because I almost quit working on it about here.  I often forget there are what I call “ugly stages” during the process.  These places where you’re moving from one plateau to the next where the work looks better in the last stage, but will look better than it does right now in the next, you just gotta make it that far.  I kept at it.


I have a bad habit of loosing the structure when I’m moving forward… I gotta remember that the line work acts as the skeleton, so when I’m fleshing them out in colors I can loose that framework.


I kinda like that her braid looks like a tiara, I might push that further.  It got crooked during the course of this painting.


I actually used the patterns on her forehead as a guide like a wireframe on a 3D model so I could tell where the planes of her face were.  Same thing with the ears and sides of her face.




I found it humorous when I associated her large ears with the Ferengi from Star Trek.  lol


So far, Dianne is the tallest character in the story at just over 6 feet.

Zoomed out this far, I can see more of where I lost the shape of my head when I was adding the lighter tones to the sides of her forehead and cheekbones.

Work, work, work, work.


“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

4 thoughts on “Dianne Masantra (part 2)

    • Thanks authority!
      Sometimes I feel like I have too much to share and other times like I don’t put enough substance in my posts. Guess I’m still searching for a balance.

      Regardless, I’m having a blast and that’s what’s important! :)

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