Red and Verena

It seems like I had already posted this, but I guess I didn’t… Just got my internet connection in the house, man it feels good to be typing this from my desktop and not my phone.  :)  lol  I got my WACOM back too and I have one of my computers up and running, but I’ll have to see if I can resuscitate Ling Tsu to life.  Still not sure if it was a Power Supply or Motherboard issue that brought her down oh so many moons ago, but I’m ready for her return.

Verena has grown quite a bit and when I post some art later, you’ll see she is still growing.  Dianne has also seen some huge leaps in growth too.  Really excited about posting those images soon.

The story itself has taken a huge leap as well, as I recently decided to move it from taking place on Earth and placing it on another world entirely.  A bold move, but one I hope will pay off in the future.  Without the framework of Earth, I feel I’ll be able to create a more interesting world and environments for this story to live and breathe in and already I’m having a blast putting it all together and doing the research.

World Building

Been hording this book from the library with every intention of rechecking it out as soon as all my renews are up.  B-)  I’m only just starting to figure out what I want to be different about my world, but as I’m only a couple chapters in, I’m starting to see my options open up and horizons expand out into infinity.

The book itself can be a bit heavy at times, but it’s a great resource.  Especially for someone as nerdy as me when it comes to learning the science behind things.  I love knowing how it all works.


Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.  – Thomas Jefferson

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