Ms. Redding


Probably my first anatomical proportion guide for Red, and I’m really glad I did that head turn around almost a year ago. Probably the only reason I’ve been able to keep a consistent look for her.

Looking forward to getting my WACOM back so I can do the same for the rest of my characters, but as it stands Verena is the only one I’ve come close to establishing.

The journey continues…


“Sometimes life will hit you in the head with a brick, don’t lose faith.”

– Steve Jobs

4 thoughts on “Ms. Redding

    • Hey Laura, I’m not really sure about the final form all this is going to take when it’s finished. I just know I got to get these characters, story, and world out of my head.

      They’ve been trapped up there for way too long. :)

      At the moment my plan is to compile all the character, environment, vehicle, and story elements together in an easily accessible way… it could take the form of a book, pdf, website, or all of the above. Not sure. :/

      I haven’t seen that bio, is it recent? I’ll have to add it to my list of books to check out the library.

      • I’m glad you’re taking it to the next level Maybe they’ll be glad to get out of your head too! :))

        I think the bio came out in 2010, 2011? Right around the time Jobs died, actually. It’s really terrific, I think you’d like it, Jesse.

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