6 thoughts on “00000000.12

  1. Came to write something nice about pesky perspectives and your anatomy exercises paying off but got distracted by the butt :D
    Soooo… BUTT! (Hey, the skirted person also stares!)

    • Hahahaha, yeah that butt is kinda dominating the image. I didn’t even mean for the other character to be looking at it either, just one of those happy accidents. : )

      It’s interesting to note that the less I emphasize being exact and just be loose with my anatomy sketches the better they turn out.

      It goes against my strict, structured nature, so it’s difficult to let go. :/

      • If you’re looking for more ways to learn to “let go” I’d suggest drawing with one of them thick, juicy markers :) The thicker the better!

      • Frightening but a little bit exciting? It’s one of the things my art teacher used to make us do, only we also had to sketch gestures like that… with about 20-40 seconds per gesture. Once you get over the fact you can no longer measure, plan or erase anything, it’s actually pretty fun :D

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