No Snazzy Way to Say Eleven


No surprise I have a day off and I can barely get myself to finish my daily sketch, now that I have to get ready for work all I want to do is finish this Red sketch.  Sigh.  Life can be silly sometimes.

I took the picture with my phone and then brought it in Photoshop because the lines were still really light.

I was looking through my reference pictures from one of my Boards on Pinterest, not sure what made me choose a really hard perspective shot, but it’s turning out pretty good so far.  Had to pull out my old Head Turn Around I made a couple months ago for Red to make sure I was drawing her right.

I’ll definitely be returning to this later.

ref  Faces_v0.8

Looking at my Head Turn Around reminds me that I haven’t completed a full Body Turn Around yet.  :/
Much work to do I have.


“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

– Woody Allen

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