Bad Hair Day


Final photo-composite I turned in last night.


Where we left off last time.


Last couple images I used for reference/compositing.


Adding in some background noise/elements to compliment and extend that blasting geo shapes in the bottom right corner.  I used several different geometric shaped Brushes slowly building up to this point.  I played with the Rotation and the Scattering of the Brushes to get a more random flow.  Simply undoing anything that didn’t look/feel right.


Adding more robotic/mechanical elements, using the same masking process as before.  Also, using Level and Curves Adjustment layers to match the look of everything else.


Here you can see I used the same pipes as I used toward the front of her head, simply Rotating and Scaling them on different layers until they created the depth I wanted.


Here I erased the solid line in the background that kept grabbing my eye and began working on merging the human and robotic elements of her head.  I used the Magic Wand tool to grab that cyborg face plate from the image (you can see I didn’t take a whole lot of time to select it and there are a bunch of holes in it.  Being lazy made more work for me later).

I used a mask (of course) to erase portions I didn’t want and you can see on the top of the circular portion that I started using the Clone Stamp tool to create the rest of the circular area.


Combination of Curves, Levels, Color Balance, and Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layers go the layer closer to the color of the rest of her head.


Using both the Paint Brush (on a low opacity) and the Clone Stamp tool I started filling the holes, giving it some depth, shadow, and some details.

I also started adding a contact shadow.


Continuing the process of adding to it.

Also used a Guass. Blur to soften the shadows (also putting the shadow layers Blend Mode to Multiply)

I used the Dodge tool to push the sides of her face up so it looks like the apparatus is digging into her head.


The last couple things I did were to darken that portion of the pipes coming out of her head at the bottom right.

Then I added a Curves, Levels, and Color Balance Adjustment layer to the whole image to try to unite the whole thing together.

This was quite the hefty experience for me, I didn’t get all the lighting to match, but I learned a bunch of cool new tricks using the adjustment layers.  All in all a great learning experience.


“Everything you can imagine is real.”  -Pablo Picasso

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