Reflection in Progress


Retaking Computer Art class seeing as I didn’t finish last semester.  Our first assignment is just to use the either Photoshop or Gimp to create computer art, no specifications other than to do our best and try to impress the teacher.  I decided to go with my photo-manipulation style I enjoy so much, this time though, I’m using the mixer brush to blend the elements together to give it a more painterly feel.


I had this idea of a forest growing out of someones hair (original inspiration is from one of mom’s charcoal pieces), searched through my reference images and found this guy.  I found a picture of silhouetted trees online and used a Quick Mask (and an odd shaped brush at 100% opacity) to get rid of the background (also selected the layer afterward and went over everything with a black).

Rotating and enlarging/shrinking the trees using the Transform Tool (ensuring to duplicate the masked tree image using the “Ctrl + J” shortcut to preserve the original).

Created the layer behind him and roughly painted in the background using the Eyedropper Tool to select the colors from the image.


Getting the feel of the balance of the trees (more the weight of the color against the rest of the canvas than anything).  I also started using the Perspective option of the Transform Tool to align the trees just so.

You can see my use of the Mixer Brush to start blending the hard edges of the colors I painted in the background together.


The grey color extending up to the top of the image was the last thing I did.  I noticed after I saved it that the black was weighing the image too heavily on the top half so I brought that little grey strip from the original image up using the Eyedropper to select the color and brush to paint it in.

I noticed too that the grey line also pushes all the dark trees into the mid/background with his hat and pulls the focal point (his face) back into the foreground.

Win win.


“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”  -Ernest Holmes

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