Last Time, On Dragon Ball Z!!!


Will Jesse finish rendering Selene in black and white and then have enough time to switch it over to color?  Can he Finish converting it to color in time to add a background, or should he just focus on adding a maquette like base?  Find out next time…


Where I left off the other day.


Not sure what manner of dissatisfaction or anger took my, but I decided that the face wasn’t working, although it was probably the neck/base of the head that was bothering me (tilt of the head?).  The rendering was fine, but I need to stop fussing about erasing in this case painting over something that has so much time spent on it.

Fear.  Doing it’s best to hold me back, but I push forward.

Started working on the boots at this point.  I told myself I wasn’t going to touch her face until the rest of her body and clothes were fully rendered.


Overall everything is getting to that point where the body seems have their appropriate volume, I could probably go a touch darker with the highlights on the coat/dress and in a couple places on the purse and boots as well.  But mainly the fur and head/hair are what’s left to do now.

I’ll probably move her head back as if feels like she’s intently leaning in for some reason, when it seems she should be leaning back into her her walk.  We’ll see.


“Why are trying so hard to fit in, when you’re born to stand out.”  -Oliver James

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