A Series of Small Things


Still plenty work to do, but I’m happy with where I find myself a week away from the turn in date.


This was where we left off a couple days ago.  Selene still has her mean face on and she refuses to make eye contact with the viewer.


Adding some value, pushing back the darks and bringing out the mid-tones.  It was here that I began to realize that I was doing a great deal of work, but hadn’t really introduced any highlights yet.  It’s why I like this method of using a 50% grey background, you can pick up on the fact your drawings are turning out flat and push those values.

Selene is looking happy with a small smile pulling at the corners of her mouth and she’s also looking confident as she’s making direct eye contact with the viewer.


Adding the highlights helped begin pulling the forms out, but there’s still plenty of work to do.  Most areas still look really firm and rigid and her face looks like steel.


A long break and then a study of what I had done so far enabled me to see some glaring issues with Selene’s face.  So for now, I left the clothes alone and focused in on her face.

I began pushing back her hairline and flattening the side of face where the cheek is.  I also pushed her eyes in so they weren’t floating on the surface as much as they were.


Still with most of my attention on her face, I began smoothing out the skin and also giving her complexion an overall lighter tone.


I managed to lighten up all her skin, but I’ll have to push it further into the lighter tones.  She’s suppose to have pale skin and long light golden hair.  There’s still some small proportions in the face I’ll have to balance out and I’ll probably tighten up the face a bit by her cheek bones.

The boots, bag, and fur around her neck will all be dark black and I’m leaning towards a midnight blue for her coat/dress.  With her moon shaped earrings a shiny silver.


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  -Vincent van Gogh