Drawing the Line

Modern Selene, the Moon Goddess
Refining Line-work
This is where I left off at yesterday morning (technically afternoon, but I just woke up, so morning lol).


You can see my process when if comes to using reference.  I often times combine multiple Google image searches into one folder within my project folder and then bring them into my Photoshop document for ease of access.


Wanting to move Modern Selene towards the age and feel of a woman and not the wide eye’d girl I was starting to feel from the previous sketches, I attempted to create an older woman’s face, but only succeeded in making her look younger.  :(

Also, she kind of looks like Rouge from the X-Men movies.


I managed to bring her age up a little bit, but her face will need more attention in the near future.  As the rest of her body was lacking some attention I decided to focus on catching up everything to about the same point.  I really don’t like it when I get one portion of the drawing more finished than another part.

She looks angry, “why so serious?”

Her head might be too big, that’s a result of using reference that cuts off portions of the body.  At this point it’s too late to change reference, but I should know better.  Guess this is a clear indicator that I need to be brushing up on my anatomy skills.  Honestly, I should be warming up with anatomy sketches every time I draw, but I seem to have a shortage of time; or a mismanagement of time.  Probably the latter.

Also, lost the eye contact with the viewer.  :(

Despite all the nit picking, I’m happy with where this is going and I’m glad I decided to push the line work to a near complete point instead of rushing in with the color stage which I so often do.  With waiting for the line work and rough shadows/Lighting to be completed before I start my coloring I won’t have to create volume while attempting to hold on to loose forms.  I can just focus on getting the colors to dance with each other.


“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”  -Andrew Carnegie