Reworking Characters

My brother is writing a fantasy book and he wanted me to draw several of the characters for him.  I ended up giving me nine with a promise of a tenth coming soon.  Six months later, I finally get the tenth, but by now I’ve changed my style or rather am in the process of changing my art style and I really want to paint instead of the cartoony/comic book style I’ve been doing.  But all other nine characters are done in that style

A smart man would draw that last character in the old style and be done with it, I am not a smart man.

Fin-Malrune_v0.4 Fin-Malrune_v0.5 Fin-Malrune_v0.6 Fin-Malrune_v0.7

Fin-Malrune_v0.8 Fin-Malrune_v0.9 Fin-Malrune_v1.0 Fin-Malrune_v1.1

Some additional references

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I got my work cut out for me.


“Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”  -Frank L. Gaines