Character of the Week #365


Character of the Week #365

Barbarian Lord

The Barbarians are a strong, ruthless society. Though they prefer to live as a primitive society, they are certainly one to be reckoned with. They don’t do politics, so the leader is chosen, not by bloodlines, but through combat. The strongest of a barbarian tribe is chosen as the leader and any barbarian may challenge the leader to take over. However, there is no mercy, only an honorable death to the loser. The lord of a tribe wears a head dress of a large prey they killed on a hunt. It is a magnificent trophy they earned and usually have the scars as secondary proof.

The Guidelines:

  • Must be Barbarian (Basically a jacked up human)
  • Can be male or female.
  • Must have the trophy head dress.
  • No background this time around, Please refer to the rules below.


Basic sketch
Quick and loose gesture.


Kept the initial sketch, but lowered the opacity on it and built right on top of it.


New layer, bigger brush adding a quick value range so I can check on the volume.


Combined all those layers into one, lowered the opacity and started sketching on top of it.  I’ll probably lower the head dress a little bit and decrease the size of it.  His right leg is a bit stiff and weird so that’ll need some attention… Not sure about his sword.


Adding some value to get a better sense for the volume and weight.  Overall happy with my initial design.  I’ll have to touch up a few things I noticed in the last step before I can move forward.


“Distance yourself from negativity and great things will happen.”  Unknown

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