Evolution of Blue


Blue (early 2014)

When Blue Moon first started, there were only two main characters, Red and Blue.  Over time as I’ve worked and re-worked the storyline, things have grown.  Now I have five or so main characters and a surplus of supporting characters and extras.

I found it interesting as I was looking for something I haven’t posted yet at how much things have changed and seeing as I haven’t posted much of Blue (as I’ve been really concentrating on Red because the story more or less starts off as her story), I thought it would be interesting to post the evolution of Blue thus far.

They start off from 2006ish up until early 2014.

Here we go…


I forgot Blue use to be the half asian one…

blue3 blue4 blueboy5 red-and-blue

These were all back when the story was still placed during the present, instead of 150 years in the future as is is now… Also, they weren’t attending a Military Academy.


I’m not really fond of these hair styles, guess when I start to really dive into his character, I’ll be changing things up again.


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”  -Unknown

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