I <3 Pinterest


To any artist out there who hasn’t experienced the awesomeness that is Pinterest, first of all, shame on you, secondly, go do it NOW!!!  It is super helpful with finding and organizing resources, references, and inspiration for drawing.  They have anatomical photographs, muscle structure breakdowns, form and shape breakdowns, character sheets, and so much inspiration I often times get lost in it.

I’ve been on Pinterest since midway through this year and I felt I was excessive with the amount of boards I created, how anal I’ve been with the naming conventions (gotta keep everything organized and ensure everything makes sense), and the shear amount of images I’ve combed through to get the amount of pins within my boards.

I’ve created 60 boards, with over 2,300 pins in total.  Most are Anatomical References, but I also got some really fantastic Blue Moon inspiration and references in there.  I thought I was excessive, but I’ve met my match and then some…


This power user (Character Design Reference) has created 310 boards, with a staggering 43,608 pins.  All geared towards helping artists in the process of creating characters.  This guy has everything any artist could possibly need in the way of reference.  From separate parts of the body (face, eyes, nose, arms, etc), age specific boards (child, teens, adult, old man, etc), clothing (modern, genre based, period based, and culturally based), character poses, almost a hundred boards on different creature designs (animals – both real and fictitious), environments, and a bunch of helpful tutorial boards.

If you’re like me and you’ve accumulated a mass amount of reference images from strenuous Google image searches, you’ll appreciate the ease of use and visual appeal to the organizational options Pinterest provides.  It’s also a great time saver and frees up hard drive space as well.  I actually prefer finding and pinning images via my phone and I using them for reference while I’m working on my computer.

Also, for those times you’re feeling artistic block and can’t seem to get the juices flowing, great place to get inspired!  Just don’t get lost.  Stay focused.  :)


“To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.”  -Johann von Goethe