Blueberry Lemonade



My teacher posted two tutorials in our Computer Art class, the first showed these abstract polygon shapes (Shape Tool, Polygonal Lasso selection for highlights and shadows using Dodge and Burn.  Duplicate, rotate, wash rinse repeat) like the blue ones on the left side of the image, so I started playing with those and while I like it, the image as a whole felt flat.


I decided to put some of the blue in the foreground in the background, but instead of right on top of the orange sherbert, I put the blue circles on a layer behind it.  I’m a huge fan of space and all things sci-fi so stars in the background is a common theme for me.


I liked the ghost like feel that change was giving off, but now the background was clashing with the foreground.  So, instead of rushing into any choices, I took a break, ate some food, and came back with a fresh pair of eyes.  I decided to trash the polygonal shapes and focus and moving from the back forward.

I duplicated the orange circular gradient and applied the Pointallize filter (Filter>Pixelate>Pointallize) twice on two separate layers, setting the layers to different blend modes until I found something I liked.


Next, I used the keyboard short-cut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge all my layers selected onto a new layer and used the Filter Twirl (Filter>Stylize>Twirl) then added the blend mode Multiply.


Next I duplicated the merged layer and Ctrl+T to enter free transform mode and then selected the warp button on the top tool bar.


From there it was a matter of experimentation until I got something that felt right or interesting and repeated the process several times.  Often rotating and transforming the size of each duplicate layer I created.

From there I saved as a jpg and then opened up the jpg back in to Photoshop, then used a combination of Hue and Saturation, Levels, and Vibrancy adjustment layers to change the colors and intensity.

Here are the finished products…


Blueberry Lemonade


Cool Blue


Purple Lime



It was a fun project to work on and I’m glad to watched those tutorials as I learned a lot of cool new tricks to add to my Photoshop knowledge.  :)


“You have to put in many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.”  –Brian Tracy

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