Shenanigans (Work in Progress)


I was assigned two projects this week in my Computer Art class.  One was an Abstract Art project and the other is a Representational Art project.  This is my initial sketches for my representational art project.

I’ve spent way more hours than I care to admit, working on being able to draw the basics of the human form without reference.  Several years ago with consistent practice I felt I was “almost there,” and has started focusing my efforts on specific areas like hands, feet, and the head.  Really learning details.  But now I’m back in the “how do legs work again” phase.  The upper body comes a bit easier, but that lower body is going to take some concentrated efforts.

I enjoy doing these types of bizare public gatherings.  They draw inspiration from my love of Norman Rockwell and Where’s Waldo.

This one leans more to the side of Where’s Waldo, but if you ever want to get a better grasp on anatomy, I’d suggest just playing around with things like this.  It’s fun and extremely beneficial, like a concentrated training session, jam packing several dozen anatomy sketches all into one.

This one I did in 2006-07 and at the time I didn’t have that amazing perspective brush, so I just winged the scaling of everything and everyone, but this is less about getting everything to look exactly like life and more about leveling up the skill set.

Woman in Red

Ink and Watercolor project I did in my first semester in my Two Dimensional Design class.  This one was about moving the viewers eye around the artwork, but it had a similar start, I just added this silly, social commentary element that sometimes shows up in my work.

That’s kinda the vibe I’m going with in the sketch for my Representational Art project.


“Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.”  –Benjamin Franklin