Moving to Color



The Fairy Racer
Moving to Color

Through a series of random events, decisions, and just having the general fortune of having great friends I wound up acquiring a smart phone yesterday.  Having not ever having a smart phone and basically being forced to live within a technological stone-age for so long, it is no surprise that the thing completely engulfed my focus and attention for several hours while I set things up, downloaded apps, and checked my Facebook a couple hundred times.

While this might seem to have nothing to do with today’s work, that just isn’t the case.  Seeing as my mp3 player has some faulty battery issues and will shut down whenever it sees fit (even after just being taken off the charger 30mins prior) I’ve been listening to music out of my computer (whose headphone jack doesn’t work) and I tell you it’s not the same as pumping up your tunes in your ear and zoning out.

But then arrives my new shiny smart phone and suddenly I’m rocking my sound canceling Koss headphones (that look like they belong a helicopter pilot and whose use comes most in handy when sharing a computer lab with other students who do more talking, squeaking, eating, and coughing than actual work) and I’m transported into a world of pure music and hyper focus.  Hours go by and then before I know it, it’s time to start adding color to my completed grey scale image.

P.S. – I <3 Spotify



“We learn from failure, not from success!”  –Bram Stoker