Racing Gear – Simple Shapes and Values


The Fairy Racer
Racing Gear – Simple Shapes and Values

Having fixed the wings to be more align with the perspective background, I decided to start throwing on her racing gear.  Mostly working zoomed out to about 12.5% and just making simple shapes (like the shoulders) and then filling in the values based off of the general lighting.  After that I’d zoom in to 25% and smooth it out, really focusing on the overall shapes and values.

I simplified the helmet quite a bit, but I’m still not happy with it, but I do like how I added the ladybug head and how that added some interest and symmetry to that area.  Definitely going to have to pay some extra attention to the jawline straps of the helmet, but next time I’ll be putting some emphasis on the shoulders, chest armor, overall values, and visor. 

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