Transportation Issues


K9 King


Continuing with that heroic stance I found last time that I liked and working it from a few different vantage points.  I want the king to be the focus of all the attention, so I want the view to be like the viewer is on the sidelines of the parade, looking up at the king as he passes by.

With that in mind, I did a couple variations and found that the pole held forward and the flag trailing behind seemed best.  A couple of the best poses put the shoulder/arm up and covering most of the face and seeing as I want the light to be coming from the top right, that would throw most of him in shadow, including most of his face…  Armor at this point isn’t concrete, just general shapes and contours.

Another issue that came up was the stage/palanquin/ pedestal thing he’s standing on.  I started getting this 300 vibe, with the king as Xerxes.  Not what I wanted (although, I did toy with the idea of having it being carried/pulled by enslaved cats), so I started thinking about changing the mode of transportation.  Which meant changing the poses I’ve been working two days on. 

So, in a fit of despair I put down my stylus and watched some Firefly and when I came back I had an idea, what if he was on a horse?


  • “Yesterday’s history. Tomorrow’s a mystery. Today’s your victory.”
    -Yellow Jacket 

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