Character of the Week #358 – K9 King


A parade is held every year at the kingdom of Woof. All the people of the kingdom show up to cheer on the participants. The most anticipated participant in the parade is the king him self. He always shows up in such shiny armor, it is a grand sight to see.

This week you need to design the K9 King in Shiny Armor!

The Guidelines:

  • Must be HUMANOID/k9
  • Must be wearing shining armor
  • Must include the kingdom insignia (of your own design), on a flag/banner which the king carries.
  • You MAY do a queen instead if you wish
  • Background’s Permitted, but don’t forget what the focus is!

    Read more:

    I decided to choose a dog that naturally had a beard, that way I could get a older kingly vibe from the character.  Went to Google to check out which breeds had beards and eventually chose the German Wire-haired Pointer.


    Still working on some back-story and personality for the character and also some armor designs… no idea what the insignia will look like though. 



    “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”

    –David Frost

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