Two Weeks Later

The Wizard’s Apprentice

Final Turn In

Regardless of the end result, there’s a certain sense of accomplishment when a project finally comes to an end.  I was fortunate with this one to have a couple things work in my favor, but I can’t always expect it to work out that way.

The first thing that really stands out to me is the change in art style, over time the character went from being drawn in the comic book/Disney/anime style I have to leaning heavily on realism.  There wasn’t a real conscious decision on my part to do this, I decided towards the end to try the Mixer Brush on my blocked out colors and it created realist folds in my clothing and then decided that the cartoony face looked weird on a realistic body. 

I ended up spending a lot of time reworking the face and without reference.  A big no, no, especially when pushing towards the real of realism.  But after some initial struggling, I founds some reference, but only followed it loosely and because of that I ended up with a weird smirk on the characters face.

Learning experiences I suppose.  The new CHoW is up and I’ve started doing some thumbnails already, so I’ll see you tomorrow.


  • “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”-Steve Jobs

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