Excess of Choices




The Panda Guide
Character Final 2


Having spent a couple hours scouring Google images and reading a few websites about Chinese deities, I have a fairly good idea about how Chinese Gods dress (although this character is suppose to be a Red Panda Spirit I wanted a similar vibe).  In fact, I end up with half of gig of images of red pandas, head dresses, hair styles, dresses, bamboo forests and make up ideas.  It’s reference overload.

It’s like when you’re at the store and you end up with so many good choices you have a hard time making a decision.  For me, I usually end up having to inspect every choice adding them to a list, then establishing some sort of ranking system based off of pros and cons… and this is in the store when I have limited time and other shoppers and store employees giving me weird looks as I make mental lists, price comparisons, and yeah.

So, I look at my thumbnails again and look for some ideas that seem to work and try to combine them together.  I go with a simple dress (not too many folds and loose flowiness), with long droopy sleeves and an exaggerated headdress that is a combination of three or four ideas.

Also, I’d like to not that it’s Saturday and I have less than a day to turn this in fully rendered… And I still have no idea what the staff is going to look like.  :/


  • “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”  –Joseph Chilton Pearce

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